10 Best Horror Books of 19th Century!

As humans, fear is built into us, it is the oldest and strongest emotion. It’s the core of all human actions. So, maybe it isn’t so strange that we seek out the things that scare us, such as spending money to read Horror Novels. Continue reading 10 Best Horror Books of 19th Century!


Majestic Mountain views from around the World

Mountains are breathtakingly beautiful and remind us how small we are. At the same time, when we look up at mountaintops, a part of us feels like we are standing there, surveying the world from high above, which can make us feel mighty. Perhaps looking through photos of some beautiful peaks will help you find the courage to climb the mountains in your everyday life and admire the view from on high. So, here are some of the most beautiful mountain views from around the World.. Continue reading Majestic Mountain views from around the World

Top Ten Best Fantasy Books

Maybe you’re not a big fan of fantasy literature but admit it! Who didn’t fall in love with some of the most classic and famous fantasy novels, such as “The Lord of the Rings” or “Harry Potter”? This list has a wide range from old Classic Fantasy books to the best of latest year’s Fantasy releases. The goal of this list is to help all of us (including myself), who love this kind of literature, to learn more about fantasy novels and their authors, and help us choose the next fantasy novel to read. So, here is the the Top 10 Fantasy Books.. Continue reading Top Ten Best Fantasy Books