10 Free Must-Have Travel Apps

Traveling is great and Technology has evolved enough to help us any moment, for any reason. We can now go on a trip and translate languages, convert currency or plan an entire holiday, to the other side of the world, directly from our mobile phones. And it’s really relieving to travel safely and securely, especially when you travel alone. So, here are 10 Free Must-Have Travel Apps.. Continue reading 10 Free Must-Have Travel Apps

10 Things Not to Do When Booking a Hotel

Your hotel choice may be the most important decision you make when planning a trip. An ugly, poorly or smelly hotel room, or a room with no internet access or a broken TV, can easily ruin a trip. And you have pay for that hotel room every day. A hotel that has a low base rate but doesn’t include any amenities can often end up costing you more than a hotel that includes complimentary everything.. Continue reading 10 Things Not to Do When Booking a Hotel