10 most beautiful Caves in the World

These amazing caves could be part of some fairy-tale or horror movie and they can be found in Asia, North America and Europe. The beauty of Nature isn’t always visible. Sometimes it takes million of years to reveal it proudly and, when it does, there’s nothing we can do than to admire its power and its wisdom. So, here are some of the most beautiful caves on Earth.. Continue reading 10 most beautiful Caves in the World

10 amazing Cities found Underwater

Back ashore and many years ago, before huge earthquakes and floods, there were cities which had their own history and culture, emperors and gods to obey. They had their own rules and habits. Now, all of them represent significant archaeological findings in recent history but many of them are, in some way, more mysterious about their origin. Maybe there are some secrets that we are not ready to learn about and some of them, because of the endless ocean, we may never know..! Continue reading 10 amazing Cities found Underwater