Tips for Vegetarian Travellers

Travelling can still throw up some difficulties for vegetarians, even in some European destinations, but it’s by no means impossible to get by. With a bit of pre-planning and preparation, you can travel the world and still satiate yourself guilt free. So, here are some tips for Vegetarian Travellers.. Continue reading Tips for Vegetarian Travellers


Alexander Jansson (Famous Illustrators)

Alexander Jansson is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and animator. Fuzzy animals, Eerie plants, Fairytale-like houses, surreal and gloomy scenery are all part of his digitally painted world.
Enjoy some of his Artwork.. ♥✿ Continue reading Alexander Jansson (Famous Illustrators)

Burritos with Tofu Scramble

Believe me, this vegan breakfast won’t disappoint you. It’s full of flavor and easily freezable. There are only two components of this burrito: the tofu and the vegan breakfast hash. The homemade sauce for the tofu is so creamy and flavorful that you don’t even need condiments. It’s a perfect protein packed breakfast. I really can’t do the flavor justice by my words. It has SO much flavor that it is just insane.. Continue reading Burritos with Tofu Scramble