Inspirational Hippie Quotes

Our beloved Hippies are the most easily recognizable and frequently emulated characters in American culture and, 40 years later, people are still using hippie sayings as a means to express their feelings and states of being.
Below there is a collection of the greatest phrases ever constructed by Hippies.. Continue reading Inspirational Hippie Quotes

Inspirational Travel Quotes

I bet there were be several times you saw a beautiful place in a postcard, in a travel magazine, on the internet or at some shared photos of a friend who traveled recently and you may felt a little bit jealous because, once more, you decided staying home. Maybe, you may love the idea of traveling but you’re too scared to make this decision and if that’s true, then the only obstacle is yourself and you must find a way to overcome your fears and doubts to make your passion come true.
So, here are some inspirational Travel Quotes that will motivate you to plan your next (or first) trip.. Continue reading Inspirational Travel Quotes

Inspirational Bohemian Quotes

Life is short. We all know that but most of us tend to forget it. So, when we are in a bad situation and stress overwhelms our lives, we feel that our life goals are increasingly moving away from us and we usually try to dig even deeper inside us to find out more about ourselves. The way of bohemian life is special and differs from any other way of life. Its Philosophy is determined by rules that don’t exist, boundaries that have been overcome and boundaries that have been demolished. It gives a sense of mental and spiritual freedom that can affect us positively. So, here are some inspirational Bohemian Quotes that will help you live more wild and free.. Continue reading Inspirational Bohemian Quotes