Once the Darkness falls in India

The cities of India host millions of people and countless vehicles but have you ever wonder how do these cities look like when the night fall? Gavin Evans spent three months photographing the quiet streets of India.. Continue reading Once the Darkness falls in India


20 Amazing Pictures to Inspire Your Travels

If you’re a travel lover, I’m sure you’ve already read many articles where other travelers describe their experiences.
A photograph, however, is more vivid. It reminds you the beauties of our world and invites you to sink into it. So, once again, National Geographic gives us a small dose of inspiration from the 2017 Travel Photographer of the Year Contest.. Continue reading 20 Amazing Pictures to Inspire Your Travels

Raghubir Singh (Famous Photographers)

«India’s eyes see only color!» said once Raghubir Singh, the pioneer of photography, who worked from the late 1960s until his death. Raghubir Singh was an Indian, self-taught photographer, most known for his landscapes and documentary-style photographs of the people of India. During his career he worked with National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, … Continue reading Raghubir Singh (Famous Photographers)