Jeff Mitchell (Famous Photographers)

Jeff Mitchell was born in Milton, Scotland in 1970. He has followed in the footsteps of his great-grandfather, author and filmmaker Edmund Mitchell, in pursuing his passions for travel and photography. Jeff first felt the pull of photography in the early 1980s, while traveling through the Amazon River basin. Realizing the importance of his experience and the need to document it, Jeff purchased his first camera, a Canon 35mm A-1.. Continue reading Jeff Mitchell (Famous Photographers)


10 most beautiful Caves in the World

These amazing caves could be part of some fairy-tale or horror movie and they can be found in Asia, North America and Europe. The beauty of Nature isn’t always visible. Sometimes it takes million of years to reveal it proudly and, when it does, there’s nothing we can do than to admire its power and its wisdom. So, here are some of the most beautiful caves on Earth.. Continue reading 10 most beautiful Caves in the World

5 things you should know before Traveling Alone

When it comes to world travel, solo traveling is all about freedom, self-exploration, empowerment and knowledge but it’s very important to travel with responsibility and safety. So, if you’ve never traveled alone yet, you’ll probably find this post interesting and helpful because it’s crucial to be educated and alert while getting the decision to travel without any companion.. Continue reading 5 things you should know before Traveling Alone

10 weirdest Festivals around the World

The world is full of fun and crazy people and festivals are a solid proof. Festivals can offer you extraordinary experiences and help you get to know a new country. While in most parts of the world celebrations have a few things in common (like eating, drinking and dancing), many times the similarities stop there. Humans have an affinity for celebrating the mundane. If anything, it’s a testament to every culture’s ability to enjoy a good party, no matter the reason. This list features some of the craziest and messiest festivals ever.. Continue reading 10 weirdest Festivals around the World