10 most expensive Books in the World

Have you ever wondered what kind of value does a book have? Is its value estimated from its content, from the cover or both? I did a research with the most expensive books ever sold and I decided to present them to you.. Continue reading 10 most expensive Books in the World


Top Ten Best Fantasy Books

Maybe you’re not a big fan of fantasy literature but admit it! Who didn’t fall in love with some of the most classic and famous fantasy novels, such as “The Lord of the Rings” or “Harry Potter”? This list has a wide range from old Classic Fantasy books to the best of latest year’s Fantasy releases. The goal of this list is to help all of us (including myself), who love this kind of literature, to learn more about fantasy novels and their authors, and help us choose the next fantasy novel to read. So, here is the the Top 10 Fantasy Books.. Continue reading Top Ten Best Fantasy Books

Top 10 Stories of H.P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft, who created a grand and horrific complex world of Ancient Gods that was very unique to Lovecraft and to Horror Literature, wrote 1 or 2 novels and most of his works were short stories and novellas. So, if you are a fan of Dark Fantasy, Horror, Gothic and Weird Fiction and you want to read his books… and if you dare to get into this bleak world, where time will slow as the journey begins while madness will fall upon you… what?! You insist? Continue reading Top 10 Stories of H.P. Lovecraft