The History of Hippie Fashion in the 70s

The free-flowing Hippie Fashion of the 1970s reflected the youth culture’s response to the strict mores and conservative values of the 1950s and 1960s. Defined by their carefree and laid-back attitude, hippies adopted a more eclectic, leisurely style that symbolized peace, love and equality for all. Entertainers like Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane and Cher popularized hippie fashions that blended ethnic garments, colorful patterns and loose-fitting clothing. All this made the hippie look one of the most recognizable trends of the 1970s.. Continue reading The History of Hippie Fashion in the 70s


5 Bohemian Dressing Tips

Bohemian Style is style that doesn’t belong to any fashion label and it has its own way to stands out because it doesn’t follow any rules. It’s the result of a portion of people who have decided to follow their own, alternative lifestyle. what exactly determines Bohemian or “Boho” Style? Here are some Bohemian Dressing Tips.. Continue reading 5 Bohemian Dressing Tips