The Hippie, Bohemian Travels of the 70’s

2 thoughts on “The Hippie, Bohemian Travels of the 70’s”

  1. This was a really insightful read. Great photographs too. In hindsight, the hippie movement seems quite hollow. Maybe it feels more bittersweet because for a while there was such momentum. It produced a lot of beautiful thoughts and songs and culture. Probably one of the most interesting periods in modern history on so many different levels, the fallout almost just as much so. One of my favourite pieces of writing relates to what I think you capture here, Hunter Thompson’s ‘The wave rolled back…’ passage.

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  2. Yes! I absolutely agree with you, my friend! But this momentum still exists! Thanks to the original Hippies, several minds and human spirits opened and they receved an altrernative way of life and thinking, far away from conservatism. There have been influences that still exist today, from music to alternative medicine. And there are still a lot of hippies. I trully believe that! They may can work in big companies and wear costumes, but their soul can not be masquareded! Thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciated it! Love and Peace, my friend! ❧

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