Did Hippies change the World?

One thought on “Did Hippies change the World?”

  1. I guess, a lot of musical movements had an impact in music, the way of living or dressing. Punk is an example. People still cut their hair like that or wear Ramones t shirts. Grunge during the nineties. All these movements also had their own philosophy and proposed a way of living that faded with passing time. Music is the legacy and then comes the dressing or the way of living. I agree with you that people can have their own philosoply, their own beliefs. Even if they are not fully support it with their every day lives. If they truly believe in something, step by step will reach their goals. As for the hippie movement a very clever movie that is an excellent comment about it is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Terry Gilliam! I am sure you have seen it!

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