Top Ten Best Fantasy Books

Maybe you’re not a big fan of fantasy literature but admit it! Who didn’t fall in love with some of the most classic and famous fantasy novels, such as “The Lord of the Rings” or “Harry Potter”? This list has a wide range from old Classic Fantasy books to the best of latest year’s Fantasy releases. The goal of this list is to help all of us (including myself), who love this kind of literature, to learn more about fantasy novels and their authors, and help us choose the next fantasy novel to read. So, here is the the Top 10 Fantasy Books.. Continue reading Top Ten Best Fantasy Books

Olga Demidova (Famous Illustrators)

One of the most beloved illustrators is Olga Demidova. She is a character designer and children’s books illustrator from Russia. After working in Animation, she decided to dedicate herself to illustration and found a great joy in it! The most important thing for her is to share a moment of happiness with her audience.
Enjoy some of her Artwork.. ♥✿ Continue reading Olga Demidova (Famous Illustrators)

The History of Hippie Fashion in the 70s

The free-flowing Hippie Fashion of the 1970s reflected the youth culture’s response to the strict mores and conservative values of the 1950s and 1960s. Defined by their carefree and laid-back attitude, hippies adopted a more eclectic, leisurely style that symbolized peace, love and equality for all. Entertainers like Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane and Cher popularized hippie fashions that blended ethnic garments, colorful patterns and loose-fitting clothing. All this made the hippie look one of the most recognizable trends of the 1970s.. Continue reading The History of Hippie Fashion in the 70s

Inspirational Travel Quotes

I bet there were be several times you saw a beautiful place in a postcard, in a travel magazine, on the internet or at some shared photos of a friend who traveled recently and you may felt a little bit jealous because, once more, you decided staying home. Maybe, you may love the idea of traveling but you’re too scared to make this decision and if that’s true, then the only obstacle is yourself and you must find a way to overcome your fears and doubts to make your passion come true.
So, here are some inspirational Travel Quotes that will motivate you to plan your next (or first) trip.. Continue reading Inspirational Travel Quotes